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Blog Excerpts

"Are you being tricked into eating more than you’re really hungry for? Fifty years ago the average restaurant dinner plate was just 8 inches across. That size plate holds about 140 calories. Today your dinner is probably served on a plate that is 12 inches across (or bigger). That size holds about 350 calories. Even spoons and forks are bigger now then they were."
Eating Habits
"At a party last night, someone told me he thought eating three times a day- even if you’re not hungry- was normal. It’s not. Eating if you’re not hungry is how to gain weight fast. Eating for satisfaction is intuitive. Your intuition guides you to satisfy hunger and keep your body fortified. When eating becomes a habit, it’s time to wake up."
Lose Weight Without Thinking
"Intuition is not a way of thinking. It is a way of being tuned in to your self. You are born much more capable and complete then the most advanced computer. It is mind blowing to even begin to think about what is going on 24/7 with your body. Every cell is reproducing itself, your heart beats, your eyes see, your mind thinks, and your lungs are always in motion- and that’s all stuff you don’t have to think about!"
Body Language
"Your body is talking to you. Are you listening? Your body clearly tells when you are hungry. It has a language all its own that is a kind of a nudge or at times a push, or even a kick in the gut. At other times, when you are around food, your body will communicate by feeling shut down. Learning to recognize your body’s language will help you to stay tuned in to when to eat and to what's good to eat."
Compromise = Heartache
"Talking and Eating at the same time... Instead of focusing on concentrating on food only, be completely in the moment. Bring what matters to you in to the conversation. While engaging in the conversation, why not mention how good the food smells or tastes? Or why not mention the obscene size of the portion? Both of you are eating. I expect that the person you are socializing with also is wanting to be his or her healthy and attractive weight, and has concerns about food and eating."
Life is a Gift and Intuition a S.O.R.
"Loneliness is often the reason we eat when we’re not hungry. Food, in our busy and complex times, can be easier to get then human contact. Sometimes you may eat food because you are hungry for a human link. Remember intuition is your ultimate connector. It balances what you sense with what you know and what you feel, to give you the clear “right” choice. Let your intuition guide your eating choices."
Chocolate- Share the Pleasure
"It doesn’t have to be your birthday to be surrounded by foods that will tempt you with their taste and make it hard to resist over eating. But do yourself and those you love a favor and keep temptation away by sharing. Take the box of candy to work and set it out on a table with a note: "Enjoy". No one will complain. And you will set a standard that feels healthy for your spirit. It’s a way of respecting your self. 
    Don’t be tempted by the illusion of satisfaction. Real satisfaction is a process, not a conclusion. You’ll feel good about your choice when you give your chocolate away. Having no temptation is a relief."
All About You
"Face it, eating is an intimate act. You are putting stuff into your body. The food you eat impacts the way you look, duh!, and also the way you feel and the way you will feel when you wake up tomorrow. Eating and appetites are personal. Intuitive Eating shows you how to enjoy it all."
Don't Be Afraid
"Changing habits is not easy because habits feel ‘normal’. Fear around eating and weight gain is a habit. Fear is a habit that feels like doubt. Doubt is a roadblock to getting what you want. Ouch!"
Allow Your Dreams
"As you fine tune your senses and listen to your intuition, you will realize that you know what you want. It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? And yet, it works. It has been said that Truth makes all things possible. Connecting with your six senses connects with your truth and your dreams."

Follow Jane's blog for tips and Insights about intuitive eating
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