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The 10 Tools

It's intuitive to be your healthy attractive weight. Connect with your intuition and watch it happen.

The first step to eating intuitively is to decide you want to recognize your intuition - it's that simple. Intuition is a body, mind connection that occurs 24/7 and it's as easy to recognize as it is to ignore.

Using the 10 tools below with your five senses puts you in touch with your intuition and in control of your eating.

Foresight is intuitive self-defense.
  • Foresight is looking ahead at the consequences of what you're about to do. 
  • Self-defense protects you from doing things you would later regret. 
  • For intuitive eaters enjoying a cookie is part of enjoying the whole party. 
  • For dieters who feel deprived, the plate of cookies is a destination. 
  • Don't get stuck at a plate of sweets. Use foresight.

Self-Discipline is being true what matters to you most.
  • Self-discipline is used with foresight to make eating choices that keep you feeling balanced so your body feels and looks good long term. 
  • Intuitive eaters use self- discipline with curiosity to guide their choices.

Patience is the source of confidence that let's you stay connected with what matters to you.
  • Patience re-opens the opportunity for you to connect with the tools, your emotions and yourself when eating challenges occur. 
  • Patience partners with intuitive self-defense. 
  • Intuitive eaters know that change and surprises are always happening. They depend on patience to stay emotionally clear.

Curiosity is the search for satisfaction.
  • Curiosity gives you x-ray vision and super hearing because it means looking closer and hearing more. 
  • Intuitive eaters use this advantage to question themselves about how their body feels and what really matters before they eat. 
  • Questioning choices is the intuitive eater's way to maintain control.

Prudence shows you your options.
  • Prudence is intuitive 'comparison shopping'. 
  • Prudence works with curiosity and foresight to give the choice that fits your body. 
  • Use prudence to eat what looks good on you.

Dignity keeps priorities clear that connect with your personal boundaries.
  • Personal boundaries directly connect with your intuition to guide eating choices. 
  • Dignity is attitude. It's not found in what you do but in how you do it. 
  • Dignity is an attitude of self-respect - not flashy but very powerful.

Tenacity is muscle power that drives you to eat for your ideal body.
  • Tenacity keeps you focused on the commitment to look and feel great. 
  • Tenacity is a promise to yourself that takes regular re-booting until it becomes automatic. 
  • Intuitive eaters keep a healthy fit body image front and center when they chose what to eat. 
  • Tenacity builds habits for long term eating success.

Determination is the power tool of intuitive eating that works like a vitamin.
  • Determination is will power you use to get through stressful eating situations. 
  • It's 'tough love' that hooks up with other tools to enhance your intuition. 
  • Intuitive eating is long term weight management.

Courage is your intuitive lifeline.
  • Courage is an energy that feels like enthusiasm with backbone. 
  • Courage connects with and enhances your intuitive tools to propel you through eating challenges. 
  • When you ignore your inner voice, you put a lid on your courage.

Grace is a nimbleness that intuitive eaters use to give themselves another chance at all times.
  • Intuitively nothing you do is "bad". Some things are the result of confusion that occurs from an intuitive disconnect. 
  • Forgiveness is noble and so is respecting yourself for your efforts. 
  • Grace is a heightened form of self-respect that creates momentum by staying connected to your 5 senses and intuitive tools. 
  • Everyone falls off the wagon of self-control and intuitive eaters use grace to climb back on.