Eating connects with all of your appetites: a hunger for comfort, a craving for love, a passion to understand who you are, and a thirst to know how to protect your self and live the best quality of life. All of this is intuitive. Beyond eating, your intuition is always present and coordinates everything in your life as it’s happening. 
My first book, Fine Tuning, was written during a time when I felt nothing but emptiness and was searching for my passion. This is what happened: On the way to connect with my passion, I discovered my intuition. I also discovered that intuition keeps me in control of my eating. 
Jane Bernard 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intuition? 
Intuition is an inner drive that keeps your priorities straight. It connects the needs of your heart, mind, body, and soul, which is why you can count on it as a clearinghouse that responds wisely to eating challenges. Intuition is your inner guidance system to trust to make eating choices that keep you on track.
What is intuitive eating? 
Intuitive eating is a practical, natural approach to successfully achieve and maintain your healthy weight because it’s custom tailored. Intuitive eating's not just about food, it’s about you. It is a way of self-respect. You will see yourself, and eating, differently.
It is said that those who gain experience while retaining a beginner’s state of mind become long-term survivors. The benefit of intuitive eating is a long-term reality. It is the benefit of maintaining long-term weight control. (top)
Can I use my Intuition to lose weight? 
Absolutely yes.
Intuitive eating works with the safety net of
10 tools so you lose weight and can stay in control of your weight without suffering. (top)
What about diets? 
Dieting and deprivation just don't work. Sometimes the diet works, you lose weight and it stays off for a while... but reality is that 98% of those who do lose weight put every pound back on, with a staggering 9 out of 10 weighing more 5 years later than they did to begin with!
If you are fed up with dieting or controlling what you eat, if you want to find a way to just eat when you’re hungry and get on with your Life -intuitive eating is definitely for you.
Does everyone have intuition? 
Yes, everyone is born intuitive. When you feel in sync with yourself, you are in touch with your intuition. Sometimes intuition is called the survival instinct, a gut feeling, or 'that little voice. Your intuition connects you with what makes sense for your body and your lifestyle.
Why do some people seem to have better intuition than others? 
Some people trust their intuition more than others. For example, police, soldiers, nurses and artists all tend to rely on their intuition.
How can eating be intuitive? 
Eating is part of your survival instinct. Nothing is more basic or more intuitive than the will to live. Every animal has it.
Does every animal have intuition? 
No. Only people have intuition. However, every animal is born with strong instincts. Instinct is spontaneous and doesn't involve thinking. All animals except us live by their instincts- and we're the only ones that diet. Human intuition is an internal guidance system that balances what you think with what you sense. Listening to it is your choice.
What is the difference between instinct and intuition? 
Instinct is a kind of clarity and intuition is a kind of focus. Instinct is a part of nature, so when you trust your nature you will tune into your instincts. Intuition is a coordinating and guidance system inside of you that puts you in charge of your choices. It is through your instincts that you perceive your intuition. Intuition is a uniquely human wisdom.
What about a “gut feeling"? 
A gut feeling is usually an intuitive response. If you have a gut feeling you can use the
10 tools to know whether intuition is protectively guiding you, or if it is guilt or some other emotion pushing your button. (top)
How do I know if it’s my intuition? 
Intuition is never destructive. It will never guide you to do something destructive to your body. Just like your 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, your intuition will protect you or lead you to a pleasurable experience. If you think your ‘gut feeling’ is to eat a 2nd or 3rd huge slice of pie, or an entire box of cookies, or a whole quart of ice cream, think again. Something else is pushing you to do things that hurt your body and ultimately your self-image. Once you master the
10 tools for staying connected with your intuition, you won’t be confused by manipulative emotions. You will feel in control around eating. (top)
How can intuitive eating make me aware of portion control or healthy eating? 
Because intuition is the clearing-house for what you have experienced as well as what you feel and sense, portion control and eating what your body needs becomes natural.
What is the best way to fine tune my senses? 
Use them by noticing what you notice. When your senses are set on automatic, you make eating choices you later regret. Noticing what you notice means drinking a cup of tea, eating a fresh peach, or walking through the supermarket, is a new experience. Using your senses to smell, taste, to see what you are eating creates an intuitive connection with your stomach. As you become an intuitive eater you learn to notice what your body needs, and how to satisfy those needs without gaining weight.