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Unexpected Benefits of
IntuEating Programs

IntuEating programs lower stress around eating and raise self-esteem for everyone. Intuitive eating creates solid eating habits that maintain your healthy weight and liberate you from the tyranny of diet programs. This gives you freedom and self-control over your eating that is priceless. Importantly, being an intuitive eater is a lifestyle that brings benefits where you least expect them. You will discover a new flexibility and relaxation in how you approach choices and responsibilities.
The Business Executive must maintain image while dealing with stress, business lunches and dinners, travel and socializing- counts on intuitive eating to:
 •  Be more productive because energy level is maintained
 •  Sharpen focus and concentration
 •  Maintain emotional balance
 •  Know yourself better
 •  Attract opportunities
 •  Relieve stress around eating
The Athlete has to make weight and have energy to connect with her/his natural metabolism, while maintaining a physical/emotional balance- counts on intuitive eating to:
 •  Achieve more success using inner and physical strength
 •  Focus on holistic health and fitness
 •  Know your body better
 •  Sharpen focus and concentration
 •  Maintain emotional balance
 •  Relieve stress around eating
Parents responsible for buying or preparing food for family members who must deal with "bad" choices (junk food), social stress, time constraints, and growing children, find intuitive eating helps parenting by:
 •  Promoting physical and emotional health
 •  Communicating values and principles to children
 •  Children will be less susceptible to peer pressure
 •  Sharpening focus and concentration
 •  Creating atmosphere of mutual respect
 •  Maintaining emotional balance
 •  Relieve stress around eating
 •  Showing your children that they hold the key for their own success
Use intuition to manage your weight without stress 
 •  Understand frustration around diet and eating.
 •  Cope with peer pressure.
 •  Discover invisible habits.
 •  Stop self sabotage.

Learn to
 •  Identify how to connect with your intuition.
 •  Address social issues and hot spots around eating.
 •  De-bunk myths of 20th century dieting programs.
 •  Use the 10 tools to connect with intuitive eating.
 •  Relieve stress and create ease around food and eating.

You will
 •  Lose weight without suffering.
 •  Recognize eating options that feel good the next day.
 •  Identify your natural boundaries.
 •  Discover that you have choices.
 •  Take control of what you put in your body.

Connecting with your intuition gives you
 •  Self control.
 •  Tools that work with your mind, body, and emotions.
 •  Peace of mind.
 •  The body you want.
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