· Feel bad about your weight? ·
Tired of yo-yo dieting? ·
Want to take control of your eating? ·
· Dieting a constant struggle? ·

 Intuitive eating is the answer. 
Your intuition connects with what makes you tick,
makes you sharp and keeps you clear.

It's the missing piece of the puzzle of who you are. 
Connect with your intuition and you feel whole.
You can dare to dream and fulfill your dreams.



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Intuition is not a way of thinking. It's a natural way of being tuned-in to yourself that makes smart choices a priority. Ignoring it is a habit that keeps you out of touch with your body

Jane reveals 10 Intuitive tools that guide you to know your natural boundaries. She clarifies and explains these so anyone can easily use them to be their healthy weight. Jane has created a revolutionary method of incorporating the intuitive tools into your eating lifestyle that makes sense and feels natural.

Your intuitive connection feels like an inner sense of direction, a gentle surge of energy you recognize as being in with yourself. Using the intuitive tools makes you aware of what makes sense and feels good. You feel confident. The benefit of intuitive eating is a long term reality.

Your weight and how you live your life starts with your intuition. Every time you eat, you're laying the foundation for your future. Eating connects with personal satisfaction, physical comfort, and energy you have to deal with stress. Eating impacts everything about you including your sex drive, the color of your skin, and how clear your thinking is. Being an intuitive eater puts you in control of your eating and your life.

Intuitive Eating puts an end to the relentless cycle of overeating, guilt and deprivation. Losing weight isn’t the focus - instead weight comes off because you learn how to have a healthy, balanced, intuitive relationship with food. Stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good.

IntuEating Programs

ntuEating programs offer a solid support system that works to keep you in sync with your body. With intuitive eating you make the choices about what you eat. You maintain your healthiest body without dieting because you have the tools to decide the right approach that works for you.

IntuEating programs provide personalized support, strategies and an action plan.

As an intuitive eater you:
   •   Think about food only when you are hungry.
   •   Manage cravings and comfort eating - say "no" without
        feeling deprived.
   •   Feel good about your body.
   •   Look healthy, feel healthy, be healthy.
   •   Lose weight…and keep it off!

IntuEating Program for Success: Focus is on losing weight without dieting. You really do know what's right for you. (More info.)

IntuEating Program for Long Term Fitness: Focus is on committing to an intuitive eating lifestyle. You are your own best expert. (More info.)