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IntuEating Program for
Long Term Fitness

Intuition like fitness is a body/mind connection. You can use this powerful asset to enhance whatever you do and maintain your optimum weight. Intuitive eating is an encompassing lifestyle that stays tuned into to your needs and natural physical changes. Using intuitive tools connects you with the opportunity for long-term optimum health, energy and focus.

This program is for those not as concerned with losing weight, but who want to regain a balance in their relationship with food and the way they feel about their bodies. Because developing your physical potential from the inside out is intuitive, you can use intuitive eating tools to focus on developing to your highest standard in all areas of your Life.

Using intuitive tools creates enduring motivation by providing a value driven environment. The rewards are psychological as well as physical.

When you commit to eating healthy, knowledge is power. Eating intuitively refreshes, recharges and renews your awareness of your body. Transforming your eating lifestyle is powerful to do because it is commitment to yourself and your future.

Long term benefits translate into a healthier body and more productive Lifestyle.

Jane provides weekly feedback and support as needed throughout the 3 month program.

Additional benefits:
  • Lose weight without stress or "dieting" by using the 10 tools. 
  • Fitness gets easier by the day. 
  • Self-defeating eating habits are broken. 
  • Connecting with your intuition by listening to your body, and 5 senses to keeps you more aware of what you physically experience. 
  • Eating intuitively creates a body/mind/spirit synergy. Mixed signals from your body that relate to nutrition are clarified. The result is you look and feel great. 
Using intuitive tools identifies your natural boundaries and re-balances your life.

You will:
  • Put stress in its place. 
  • Enjoy eating more. 
  • Recognize when you're satisfied. 
  • Work out inspired, and motivated. 

IntuEating Coaching Programs for Individuals and Groups

Programs are individually tailored and include:

‣ Introductory Session where you will receive:
   •   Personalized guidelines and tips for getting started.
   •   Fine Tuning (book)
   •   Maintain, Don't Gain (book)
   •   Your Intuitive Eating Journal
   •   Accountability partner (groups) 
‣ Once a week:
   •   Submit your IntuEating Journal to Jane for review 
   •   Optional weekly telephone follow-up with Jane to review
        your progress and answer questions. 
‣ Once a month:
   •   Eat a meal with Jane and get on the spot guidance.
   •   Jane points out unconscious habits that are self-defeating.
   •   You get a refreshed perspective relating to eating, food, diet
        and intuition.
   •   Restaurant coaching: how to order, what to eat. 

Minimum Program is 3 months and may be extended to meet individual or group needs.

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