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IntuEating Program for Success

IntuEating programs give you the foundation for personal eating satisfaction and diet success by deflating eating hot-buttons. Recognize your intuition and use intuitive tools that put you in control of eating instead of following a set of rules. You'll get a support system you can count on that works with your emotions, appetite, and personality. Become an intuitive eater to lose weight and keep it off. Maintain don't gain.

Jane addresses your biggest diet problems, frustrations and desires and personally guides you to uncover your unique intuitive eating style. She shows you how to connect with your intuition to make smart eating choices that fit your goals. You get insights and eating tips for achieving and maintaining your healthy weight.

Discover how to:
  • Lose weight without dieting and keep it off. 
  • Eat whatever you want and still lose weight. 
  • Focus on eating habits that sabotage your weight loss. 
  • Erase negative emotions around food and eating. 
  • Create an uplifting new perspective and focus in your life. 
  • Protect yourself in stressful eating situations. 
  • Get rid of junk food cravings. 
  • Have the advantages of being your healthy weight without diet stress.
  • Find emotional balance around food and diet. 
  • Redefine your approach to diet and eating. 
  • Refine and practice skills of intuitive eating. 
  • Feel good about your body.

IntuEating Coaching Programs for Individuals and Groups

Programs are individually tailored and include:

‣ Introductory Session where you will receive:
   •   Personalized guidelines and tips for getting started.
   •   Fine Tuning (book)
   •   Maintain, Don't Gain (book)
   •   Your Intuitive Eating Journal
   •   Accountability partner (groups) 
‣ Once a week:
   •   Submit your IntuEating Journal to Jane for review 
   •   Optional weekly telephone follow-up with Jane to review
        your progress and answer questions. 
‣ Once a month:
   •   Eat a meal with Jane and get on the spot guidance.
   •   Jane points out unconscious habits that are self-defeating.
   •   You get a refreshed perspective relating to eating, food, diet
        and intuition.
   •   Restaurant coaching: how to order, what to eat. 

Minimum Program is 3 months and may be extended to meet individual or group needs.
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